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Pressure-responsive gasket

Pressure-responsive gasket

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Compression set: ≤ 25%, as ASTM D395, method B
  • Gasket: EPDM, nitrile, silicone rubber, etc.
  • Color: Black, orange, white

Product Details

Pressure-responsive gasket is a sealing component for groove connection. It creates a pressure responsive seal on the outside diameter of the pipe. And the gasket sealing is enhanced as the coupling housing is tightened onto the pipe end.

Available size

Material Temperature Color Ref. No.
EPDM -34°C to 110°C Black with green strip G9101
Nitrile -29°C to 82°C Black with orange strip G9102
Silicone -34°C to 177°C White G9103
Fluororubber -7°C to 149°C Black with blue strip G9104
Neoprene -34°C to 82°C Black with yellow strip G9105

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