• Standard: DIN 3570
  • Material: Carbon steel as ISO 898-1, Class 8.8
  • Thread: ISO 261
  • Surface: Zinc electroplated as ISO 2081 Fe/Zn5, or chromed as ISO 4520 Class 1A

Product Details

U-bolt is the component of U-bolt mechanical tee with threaded branch. It is a bolt in the shape of the letter U with screw threads on both ends, and is used to support pipe and tighten the groove connection.

Available size

Bolt with coarse thread Pipe size for mechanical tee Ref. No.
M10 1-1/4″ / DN32 / 42.4mm G5701
M10 1-1/2″ / DN40 / 48.3mm G5702
M10 2″ / DN50 / 60.3mm G5703
M10 2-1/2″ / DN65 / 73.0mm G5704
M10 2-1/2″ / DN65 / 76.1mm G5705
M10 3″ / DN80 / 88.9mm G5706

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