Our completed projects include fire sprinkler system, fire hydrant system, fire alarm system, fire pump system, etc.

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61 countries of customers
1100+ projects have been fulfilled
30+ customers with regular business
12 years trade record

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We, TPMC supplied firefighting products for the following projects
TPMC project

Nov, 2022_ 606 The Address, Sri Lanka

TPMC project

Jul, 2021_ Hyatt Hotel, Nigeria

TPMC project

Jan, 2021_ See-3 Development, Pakistan

TPMC project

Mar, 2020_ Pegasus Hotel, Guyana

TPMC project

Jan, 2019_ Ethiopia – Kenya Power Systems Interconnection, Kenya

TPMC project

Jul, 2018_ YKK Zipper Factory, Bangladesh

Our completed projects

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