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Client visit

Many customers visit TPMC office, warehouse and cooperated plants. Meanwhile, we TPMC visit different customers office, shop, construction site to deeply understand their request.

Welcome to visit us.

Clients in TPMC office

Jun, 2023_Client from Philippines

Jun, 2020_Client from Angola

Mar, 2019_Client from Palau

May, 2018_Client from Indonesia

Sep, 2017_Client from Bangladesh

Jun, 2016_Client from Pakistan

Clients inspect goods and factory

Oct, 2019_Client from Myanmar

Oct, 2018_Client from Indonesia

Aug, 2018_Client from Ethiopia

Apr, 2017_Client from Bangladesh

May, 2016_Client from Bangladesh

Mar, 2016_Client from Sri Lanka

We visit our clients

Jun, 2019_Business visit in Cambodia

Jan, 2019_Business visit in Indonesia

Jun, 2018_Business visit in Philippine

May, 2018_Business visit in Sri Lanka

Apr, 2017_Business visit in Bangladesh

Jan, 2017_Business visit in Dubai