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Hexagon flange nut

Hexagon flange nut

  • Standard: ISO 4161
  • Material: Carbon steel as ISO 898-2, Class 8
  • Thread: ISO 261
  • Surface: Zinc electroplated as ISO 2081 Fe/Zn5, or chromed as ISO 4520 Class 1A

Product Details

Hexagon flange nut looks like a standard hex nut from one side, but the bottom is widened into a circular flange, creating a bell-like shape. The bearing surface is serrated, allowing for a better grip on the surface of the joint.

Available size

Nut with coarse thread (d) F (mm) D Min (mm) Ref. No.
M10 14.73 ~ 15.00 24.00 G9601
M12 17.73 ~ 18.00 29.00 G9602
M16 23.67 ~ 24.00 37.00 G9603
M20 29.16 ~ 30.00 45.00 G9604

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