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LPCB fire resistant cable

LPCB fire resistant cable

  • Certificate: LPCB approved
  • Standard: EN 60332 / EN 61034 / EN 60754
  • Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
  • Voltage: 300 V / 500 V
  • Compliance: PH 30, fire resistance test BS EN 50200
    Category CWZ, BS 6387:2013
  • Application: Fire resistant wiring

Product Details

LPCB approved fire resistant cable maintains circuit integrity and continue to work for a stated period in the present of fire, even up to 2 hours. It assures the highest level of security in fire safety, fire detection and fire alarm systems and other applications.

Available size

Size Conductor type Conductor dia. (mm) Cross-sect. (mm2) Max DCR at 20°C, Ω/km Ref. No.
1.0 x 2C Solid 1.13 x 2C 1.0 18.1 C0601
1.5 x 2C Solid 1.38 x 2C 1.5 12.1 C0602
1.5 x 4C Solid 1.38 x 4C 1.5 12.1 C0603
2.5 x 2C Solid 1.78 x 2C 2.5 7.41 C0604

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