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TPMC is a professional firefighting products supplier, serving the demand of worldwide customers. Although being a small fish, it consists of technology, honesty and friendship.

TPMC was formally registered and licensed in 2011. From the beginning, we did business of steel products (Pipe, plate, angle bar, etc.), and then made transition for providing firefighting products. We offer clients a one-stop solution for complete firefighting system, to manage and optimize clients’ demand.

We know that every project is different and we are glad to be a flexible company that always keep going above to help our clients. TPMC is committed to be Your Reliable firefighting products supplier.

Our values

Client First

Our aim is to make our clients do a better business. We do, we fight and we change, all in the purpose to earn the satisfaction of our clients.


We sell products in TRUST. We make no compromise on integrity and honesty.

Fast Response

We strive to save clients’ time and speed up the progress of the projects. Fast response and swift action are our style.


We are dedicated to offer a complete set of solutions, and equipped ourselves with technical proposals, assembly suggestions and after-sale services.

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Client FAQ

About TPMC

At present 20 staffs, and we have our own brand for fire hose, landing valve, fire cable. And our warehouse is closed to the seaport, to stock hot-selling hydrant, valve, or long delivery time hose rack, flowmeter, etc.

Asia is our main market with 50% share, including Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. 25% market is from South America and Africa, including Peru, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, etc. 20% market is from China. And the rest 5% comes from other markets.

The turnover in 2022 was $ 4.89 million, with 211 projects.

The turnover in 2021 was $ 4.87 million, with 224 projects.

The turnover in 2020 was $ 4.79 million, with 208 projects.

Most of our products are certified by UL/FM/LPCB/BSI with higher cost than non-certified products. We rarely supply non-certified products which has lower price but unstable quality. But our price must be affordable, by which the quality, service and delivery time are what clients’ cost deserves.

About Quality and Safety

70% products are China origin. Just in China, there are over 1000 pipe mills and 2000 fitting mills. We carefully select several mills as qualified one from above large base. Also we supply fire protection product of USA, Canada, Spain or Italy origin.

We have our own UL certificate for pipes, fire hose, fire alarm cable, and LPCB certificate for hydrant valves. Now we apply more certification so to assure our products are qualified to different specifications.

We received complaint several times. If quantity shortage, we replenish it at once on our cost. If quality problem, we discuss with clients and value their opinion, to repair, replace or recall.

Yes, we are at service for any after-sale question. You can call office phone number +86 (0)22 5889 2191, or email Technical Director Mr. Wang: wang@tpmcsteel.com