Water motor gong (Water motor alarm)

Water motor gong (Water motor alarm)

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: UL 753, comply to NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, 72
  • Material: Aluminum alloy motor and gong, SS 304 drive shaft and striker, etc.
  • Mounting wall: Rigid, thickness 50 -450mm
  • W. pressure: 7 ~ 300 psi
  • Surface: Red or aluminum

Product Details

Water motor gong (Water motor alarm), also known as sprinkler alarm or water motor alarm, is a hydromechanical automatic sound warning device actuated by water flow. It is usually conjunct with alarm check valve, dry pipe valve, or deluge valve to sound a local alarm.

While sprinkler system operates, water passes through the water motor gong, the impeller turns and the shaft rotates by high velocity water jet, and the rotating shaft drives a striker assembly which rings the gong, sounding a continuous alarm.

Main parts and feature

Wall for mounting (mm) Inlet Drain outlet Working pressure (psi) Ref. No.
50 – 450 3/4″, NPT or BSPT 1″, NPT or BSPT 7-300 V9101 (UL)
50 – 450 3/4″, NPT or BSPT 1″, NPT or BSPT 7-300 V9102 (UL)
50 – 450 3/4″, NPT or BSPT 1″, NPT or BSPT 7-300 V9103 (UL/FM)

Note: It includes standard trim components, including Y strainer, galvanized steel nipples and cast iron pipe fittings.

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