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Air maintenance device

Air maintenance device

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: Refer to UL 260, FM 1011/1012/1013
  • Construction: Full assembly of valves and pipe fittings
  •  Function: Automatic, field-adjustable, pressure reducing device
  • Inlet pressure: 200 psi, air or nitrogen
  • Surface: Hot dip galvanized and rough bronze, etc.

Product Details

Air maintenance device is an automatic, field-adjustable, pressure reducing device. It is used to maintain a predetermined air or nitrogen pressure in a dry pipe sprinkler system, preaction system, or dry pilot line system of deluge or preaction valve.

Available size

Inlet Outlet Standard valve components Other accessories Max inlet pressure Ref. No.
1/2″ NPT, from compressed air supply 1/2″ NPT, to system Air control valve, strainer, pressure regulator, Restrictor check valve, By-pass valve Carbon steel nipple, malleable iron tee, elbow, union, etc. 200 psi V9401 (UL/FM)

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