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Black steel pipe and pipe fittings

Bare steel pipe and fittings will rust in 4 hours after production or shot blast, if no surface coating. Rust is permeable to air and water, therefore the interior steel beneath a rust layer continues to corrode. Also surface rust is flaky and friable, providing no protection to the underlying steel.
Black steel pipe
Black steel pipe
Surface coating is required to prevent and delay rust.
When only temporary protection is needed for storage or transport, a thin layer of oil, grease, or lacquer is applied to pipe surface, which slow or halt rust over 3 months.
We supply quality coated steel pipe and fittings:
  • Clean and dry surface that is free of debris and grease before coating.
  • Loose rust, mill scale and dirt removed by wire brush or shot blast.
  • Store at indoor workshop.
  • Plastic cap on pipe ends to protect inner surface.
  • Wrapped layer of fabric on whole bundle to avoid coating damage.
Black steel pipe