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Storz collecting breeching

Storz collecting breeching

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: Refer to DIN 14307 / 08, ISO 228-1
  • Material: Aluminum / copper
  • Feature: Collect the flow and hoseline
  • Surface: Anodized / Red coating

Product Details

Storz collecting breeching is designed to combine several streams of water into one. It is equipped with two or three storz inlets and one outlet. For inlets, they are available with plain type, or gated type with quarter turn handlers to shut off water individually.

Available size

Size Inlet Outlet Working pressure (bar) Ref. No.
2.5″ (2) Storz 65 BSPP 3″ (G 3″) 16 FE4611
2.5″ (2) Storz 65 BSPP 4″ (G 4″) 16 FE4612

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