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Roll grooving machine

Roll grooving machine

  • Certificate: CE
  • Capacity (Pipe OD): NPS 1″ ~ 12″
  • Capacity (Pipe THK): Sch10 & Sch40
  • Standard color: Red and black

Product Details

Roll grooving machine is designed to make roll groove on steel pipe ends. It is powered by gear reducing motor which features integral hydraulic pump and groove depth limitation device, so to provide accurate and quick grooves.

TPMC provides roll grooving machine in CE certificate.

Available size

Capacity (Pipe OD) Capacity (Pipe THK) Phase (P) Ref. No.
NPS 1″ ~ 6″ Sch10 & Sch40 Single P3101
NPS 1″ ~ 6″ Sch10 & Sch40 Three P3103
NPS 1″ ~ 8″ Sch10 & Sch40 Single P3111
NPS 1″ ~ 8″ Sch10 & Sch40 Three P3113
NPS 1″ ~ 12″ Sch10 & Sch40 Single P3121
NPS 1″ ~ 12″ Sch10 & Sch40 Three P3123

Note: Machine is supplied together with standard accessories.

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