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Pipe cutting machine

Pipe cutting machine

  • Certificate: CE
  • Capacity (Pipe OD): NPS 3/8″ ~ 12″, NPS 2″ ~ 8″, or NPS 2″ ~ 12″
  • Capacity (Pipe THK): Sch40
  • Standard color: Red and grey

Product Details

Pipe cutting machine is designed to cut steel pipe. With compact and light structure, it takes cold extrusion process, no sparks, dusts or metal chips during operation, with fast and clean cutting process.

TPMC provides pipe cutting machine in CE certificate.

Available size

Capacity (Pipe OD) Capacity (Pipe THS) Phase (P) Ref. No.
NPS 3/8″ ~ 2″ Sch40 Single P3401
NPS 3/8″ ~ 2″ Sch40 Three P3403
NPS 2″ ~ 8″ Sch40 Single P3411
NPS 2″ ~ 8″ Sch40 Three P3413
NPS 2″ ~ 12″ Sch40 Single P3421
NPS 2″ ~ 12″ Sch40 Three P3423

Note: Machine is supplied together with standard accessories.

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