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Field adjustable pressure reducing valve (WP400)

Field adjustable pressure reducing valve (WP400)

  • Certificate: UL Listed
  • Standard: ANSI / UL 1468
  • Function: Standpipe valve, floor control valve
  • W. pressure: Max inlet 400 psi
  • Surface: Rough / polished / chrome plated

Product Details

Field adjustable pressure reducing valve is field adjustable automatic pressure regulating valve to reduce downstream water pressure under both flowing and static conditions. For WP400 type, it is low torque with max 400 psi inlet pressure.

Available size

Size Pattern Outlet Ref. No.
2-1/2″ Angle 2-1/2″ NH, M F3601 (UL)
2-1/2″ Angle 2-1/2″ NPT, F F3602 (UL)
2-1/2″ Angle 2-1/2″ GRV F3603 (ISO)
2-1/2″ In-line 2-1/2″ NPT, F F3604 (UL)
2-1/2″ In-line 2-1/2″ GRV F3605 (ISO)

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