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Dry pilot actuator

Dry pilot actuator

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: Refer to UL 260, FM 1011/1012/1013
  • Material: Bronze body and cover, Nylon diaphragm
  •  Function: Auxiliary releasing device for deluge and preaction valve
  • W. pressure: 250 psi, water, etc.
  • Surface: Rough bronze

Product Details

Dry pilot actuator is an auxiliary releasing device designed for use with specific deluge valve and preaction valve having dry pilot release systems, or preaction valve having double-interlock electric/pneumatic release.

In the case of dry pilot actuation, air pressure is released due to opening of a pilot sprinkler. Or in the case of double-interlock preaction systems air pressure is released from the system piping due to the opening of an automatic sprinkler. When the dry pilot actuator works, it permits water pressure to be released from the deluge or preaction valve differential chamber, thereby allowing the deluge or preaction valve to open.

Available size

Inlet Pilot line connection Outlet to drain Inlet water pressure Air (Nitrogen) pressure Ref. No.
1/2″, NPT 1/2″, NPT 1/2″, NPT 250 psi 50 psi V9301 (UL/FM)

Note: It is UL/FM certified when used with specific deluge valve and preaction valve.

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