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Alcohol-resistant synthetic fluorine-free foam (AR-SFFF)

Alcohol-resistant synthetic fluorine-free foam (AR-SFFF)

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: NFPA 11, UL 162, GB 15308, etc.
  • Fire rating: Class B fire of hydrocarbon and polar solvent, also as superior wetting agent
  • Feature: Low expansion, suitable at solution in fresh water
  • Temperature: 1.7°C ~ 49°C in storage and use
  • Packing: Jerry can / drum / IBC tote

Product Details

Alcohol-resistant synthetic fluorine-free foam (AR-SFFF) is based on environmentally friendly synthetic formulation and comprises of specialty hydrocarbon surfactants, stabilizers and preservatives to create a long-lasting vapor sealing foam blanket to provide an effective control and extinguishing of both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.

Available size

Concentrate type Concentrate % in water Hazard hydrocarbon Hazard polar solvent Packing volume (L) Ref. No.
AR-SFFF 3% x 3% Yes Yes 20 / 200 / 1000 B9601 (UL)
AR-SFFF 3% x 3% Yes Yes 25 / 200 / 1000 B9602 (FM)

Note: For concentrate % in water, it means 3% concentrate at solution for hydrocarbon fire, and 3% concentrate at solution for polar solvent fire.

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