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Sprinkler guard and shield

Sprinkler guard and shield

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: UL 199, NFPA 13
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Surface: Chromed plated / red paint

Product Details

Sprinkler guard and shield is used with special fire sprinklers that may be located in areas that make them susceptible to mechanical or physical damage. And shield is for use in storage racks or beneath grated mezzanine, or other areas requiring the fire sprinklers to be shielded from possible discharge from fire sprinklers above.

Available size

Type Structure Sprinkler capacity Ref. No.
Sprinkler guard Steel wire K5.6 S9701 (UL/FM)
Sprinkler guard Steel wire K8.0 / K11.2 S9702 (UL/FM)
Sprinkler guard Steel wire K22.4 / K25.2 S9703 (FM)
Sprinkler guard and shield Steel wire + plate K5.6 S9704 (UL/FM)
Sprinkler guard and shield Steel wire + plate K8.0 / K11.2 S9705 (UL/FM)

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