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Sprinkler cabinet

Sprinkler cabinet

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Capacity: 6 ~ 24 pcs sprinklers
  • Body: Heavy gauge steel
  • Thickness: Refer to Body 0.8 mm, cover 1.1 mm
  • Finish: Red enamel

Product Details

Sprinkler cabinet is constructed of body, holed shelf and hinged covers. And it provides onsite storage of an emergency supply of sprinklers and a sprinkler wrench.

Available size

Type Sprinkler capacity W x H x D (mm) Ref. No.
For 6 standard sprinklers K5.6, K8.0, K11.2 360 x 160 x 80 S9901 (ISO)
For 12 standard sprinklers K5.6, K8.0 360 x 160 x 160 S9902 (ISO)
For 24 standard sprinklers K5.6, K8.0 360 x 320 x 160 S9903 (ISO)
For 6 large sprinklers Concealed, ESFR, guard 364 x 165 x 80 S9904 (ISO)

Note: Additional sprinkler wrench is optional. Please see our catalog S98 series if need.

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