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Foam fire cabinet (Foam system + swinging layflat hose)

Foam fire cabinet (Foam system + swinging layflat hose)

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: Refer to NFPA 14, GB 20031
  • Capacity: Low expansion foam system + swinging layflat fire hose
  • Mounting: Wall surface / recessed
  • Surface: Red powder coating / bright SS

Product Details

Foam fire cabinet incorporates both foam extinguishing system and water extinguishing system. It is an efficient firefighting equipment for single man operation to attack class A and B fire.

Available size

Type Mounting Dimension W x H x D (mm) Ref. No.
1-1/2″ foam system + 1-1/2″ layflat hose Surface / recessed 700 x 1120 x 300 B8101 (ISO)
2-1/2″ foam system + 2-1/2″ layflat hose Surface / recessed 800 x 1300 x 350 B8102 (ISO)

1. For foam system, it is available with foam concentrate AFFF 3%, AR-AFFF 3×3%, FP, etc.
2. For foam system and layflat hose connection, it is available with BS336, Storz, NH, etc.
3. For recessed type, it contains projection trim on the external face of cabinet with width 38mm.

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