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Smooth bore tip (Shutoff nozzle tip)

Smooth bore tip (Shutoff nozzle tip)

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: Refer to NFPA 14 / 1964
  • Fire type: Class A and B
  • Fire agent: Water, foam
  • Feature: Nonadjustable, straight stream
  • Surface: Hard anodized

Product Details

Smooth bore tip is combined with ball shutoff for smooth bore spray nozzle. It creates concentrated straight stream, with good reach and penetration. Simple, lightweight, low reaction force, it is popular nozzle for firefighting service.

Available size

Size Tip type Rated flow (gpm) Ref. No.
1-1/2″ Single 52 F5201
1-1/2″ Single 159 F5202
1-1/2″ Single 184 F5203
1-1/2″ Single 209 F5204
1-1/2″ Dual stacked 52 F5205
1-1/2″ Triple stacked 209 F5206

Note: Other combination is also available for TPMC, such as 2-1/2″ base inlet, quad stacked tips, etc.

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