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Selectable gallonage nozzle

Selectable gallonage nozzle

  • Certificate: FM Approved
  • Standard: UL 401, NFPA 1964
  • Fire type: Class A and B
  • Fire agent: Water, foam
  • Feature: Multiple flow setting
  • Surface: Hard anodized / chrome plated

Product Details

Selectable gallonage nozzle (Adjustable gallonage nozzle) is a combination handline nozzle which allows the operator to manually adjust the dial to change the flow range. And the flow remains constant from straight stream to wide fog.

Available size

Size One-piece or break-apart comb. Selectable rated flow (gpm) Ref. No.
1-1/2″ One & Break 30-60-95-125 F5401 (FM)
1-1/2″ One & Break 30-59-93-125 F5402 (UL)
1-1/2″ One-piece 30-60-95-125 F5403 (FM)
1-1/2″ One-piece 95-125-150-200 F5404 (FM)
2-1/2″ One & Break 95-125-150-200-250 F5405 (FM)

1. For one-piece nozzle, the combination is permanently mounted in integrality, tip with ball shut-off and pistol grip together.
2. For break-apart nozzle, the combination can be break away, includes tip only, tip + ball shut-off, or tip + ball shut-off and pistol grip.

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