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Operating key (Valve operating wrench)

Operating key (Valve operating wrench)

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: BS 5163-2
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, carbon steel, etc.
  • Feature: To operate NRS gate valve or underground fire hydrant
  • Surface: Anodized, black painting, etc.

Product Details

Operating key (Valve operating wrench) has a coupling at its lower end and a retractable / fixed upper bar attached at the top. Its coupling engages with the stem cap (wrench nut / operation nut) on the NSR valve or underground hydrant, manually to turn the valve stem to open or close the valve.

Available size

Type Upper bar End coupling for valve stem cap / wrench nut Ref. No.
Ring key and bar Retractable BS type valve, DN50 to DN300 V7701
T key Fixed BS type valve, DN50 to DN300 V7702
T key Fixed BS type valve, DN350 to DN600 V7703
T key Fixed ASME type valve, 2″ to 12″ V7704
T key with hook Fixed with hook For underground fire hydrant V7705

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