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High velocity open spray nozzle

High velocity open spray nozzle

  • Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Standard: UL 199, NFPA 13
  • Feature: K1.26 to K2.94, HV
  • W. pressure: 175 psi
  • Inlet pressure: Min 50 psi
  • Surface: Brass / chromed / natural SS

Product Details

High velocity open spray nozzle is internal scroll type nozzle designed for fire protection applications in fixed water spray or deluge system. It produces solid uniform and dense core of high velocity water spray for effective fire control.

Available size

Type Nominal K-Factor Discharge angle Ref. No.
Open nozzle K1.26 (K18) 80° S8801 (UL/FM)
Open nozzle K1.54 (K22) 75° S8802 (UL/FM)
Open nozzle K1.61 (K23) 120° S8803 (UL/FM)
Open nozzle K1.82 (K26) 100° S8804 (UL/FM)
Open nozzle K2.24 (K32) 90° S8805 (UL/FM)
Open nozzle K2.94 (K42) 115° S8806 (UL/FM)

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