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Fire extinguisher ball

Fire extinguisher ball

  • Certificate: ISO
  • Standard: Refer to GA602
  • Fire rating: Class A, B and C fire
  • Agent: ABC dry powder
  • Surface: Red, with mounting bracket

Product Details

Fire extinguisher ball is a round-shaped fire extinguisher with light weight and easy operation. When throwed into or rolling to the fire, it erups extinguishing medium to extinguish fires within specified radius. Meanwhile, its explosion makes huge noise to catch people attention nearby.

Available size

Capacity (kg) Diameter (mm) Effective area (m³) Response time (s) Ref. No.
0.5 125 1.0 3 ~ 10 FE8801
1.3 150 2.5 3 ~ 10 FE8802
2.5 180 7.0 3 ~ 10 FE8803
4 226 9.0 3 ~ 10 FE8804

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