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Double wheel operated fire monitor

Double wheel operated fire monitor

  • Certificate: FM Approved
  • Standard: NFPA 1964
  • Connection: Flanged as ANSI 150#
  • Fire agent: Water, foam
  • Rotation: Full 360° horizontal travel
  • Waterway: Single full 2-3/4″ or 3-1/4″
  • Flow rate: Max 1250 GPM
  • W. pressure: 200 psi
  • Surface: Red powder coating

Product Details

Double wheel operated fire monitor is designed with double handwheel operation and one waterway to give a powerful, far-reaching stream for heavy duty fire application. It is supplied in fixed installation for one man operation, and the water flow and aim are adjustable.

Available size

Flow rate (GPM) Waterway Base inlet Ref. No.
750 2-3/4″ single 3″ Flange F8301
750 2-3/4″ single 4″ Flange F8302
750 2-3/4″ single 3″ NPT, F F8303
1250 3-1/4″ single 3″ Flange F8304
1250 3-1/4″ single 4″ Flange F8305

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