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Conventional reflective beam detector

Conventional reflective beam detector

  • Certificate: LPCB / CE approved
  • Standard: EN 54-12 compliance
  • Material: ABS, white glossy finish
  • Feature: Hassle-free alignment, built with digital display guide and laser beam pointer,
    Employ single-ended design through reflective mirror,
    Three users programing sensitivity adjustment

Product Details

The TX7130 conventional reflective beam detector works on the principle of reflective infrared beam obscuration. Used in conjunction with a reflector, it will notify the fire alarm controller when the infrared beam is obscured by smoke. It has built-in laser beam pointer and digital display guide. The Laser beam pointer points the exact location accurately to mount mirror, and the digital display guide allows to monitor and guide the actual light intensity between the mirror and detector which cannot be seen by our naked eye, making it much easy and convenient in alignment.

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