Quality control

Inspection by third party

We keep in touch with professional laboratories, which are equipped with advanced instruments and experienced researchers, to test the performance and improve the production process.

We have completed many times of third-party tests in accordance with our customers’ requirements, and have provided customers with corresponding test reports, consistency statements and other documents.

Test by our TPMC QC department

We take strictly quality control for you. For the orders with special requirements, our QC will test before, during and after production.

  • Before production, raw material selection and inspection, such as chemical components analysis, is important to ensure the product quality.
  • After production, we follow standards for online testing or pre-shipment inspection, including the hydrostatic test, surface coating test, size measurement, etc.


Correct, clear and indelible marking is product identification which helps end user quickly define the product and trace quality.

  • Valve, hydrant and grooved fittings: The UL/FM LOGO is cast on the product; a nameplate is fixed on valve body to mark the product details, including name, size, model number, working pressure, etc.
  • Fire hose and cables: The UL/LPCB LOGO is printed on the product, together with our TPMC model number, for traceability and quality insurance.


Packaging is crucial to guarantee product quality during storage and transportation. Different packings are adopted by TPMC depending on the product type and customer’s need.


  • Each bundle of pipe is tightened by 8 steel straps, and then by 2 nylon slings, around 1.0 ton/bundle, suitable for crane/forklift loading.
  • For more information, please contact us to get Standard Packaging List of TPMC.

Other fire products:

  • Plywood cases, cartons and pallets are commonly used.
  • Wooden cases are fumigation-free, suitable for export.
  • 1100 x 1100 x 1100mm pallet is recommended, to make full advantage of the container space.
  • If small quantity, it could be packed by export standard carton, wrapped by polyethylene film normally.
  • The packing list shall be pasted, especially for the packaging containing various of products, for tallying convenience.


Good loading can protect products, so to deliver to clients’ hand as per required quality, surface and packaging.

  • We are located very close to Tianjin seaport, convenient to supervise the packing process at the port.
  • Different loading solutions are available for different orders, and they can be operated at manufacturer sites, TPMC warehouse and seaport.
  • For the project including various types of packaging, we will collect to one site, and arrange skilled forklift workers to operate.